How should producers store soybean in the storage bin safely?

How should producers store soybean in the storage bin safely?

Soybean is a widely cultivated plant in the world. Soybean is an important source of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. For this reason, this plant is treated as a staple food in some countries where it grows on a large scale. In the USA soybean crop plays an important role because of its huge production in the country which has a direct or indirect impact on the economy. There is numerous research available on the storage structure design and use of grain storage equipment by various scientists but the question remains about the best method as to how growers can store soybean to keep quality as well as quantity. A lot of parameters are considered to be kept in mind when you want to store anything that directly or indirectly affects human health or our surrounding ecology. If you want to store soybean then it’s better to consider the following things which are important if you intend to store your crop for a longer period of time.

Cleaning: Soybean storage quality is a very important parameter that affects keeping quality as well as quantity for a longer period. If you want to store soybean then the first step that has to be taken in cleaning them properly, only then they can be stored at low temperatures without getting germinated easily if they won’t be dehulled or dehulled properly. The husk should be removed carefully and after that, seeds have to be cleaned thoroughly because any type of impurities causes the growth of microbes which can affect its quality as well as quantity. For the proper ventilation, the storage bin has to provide aeration and dehumidification that can help in getting rid of harmful spores and insects which are major threats for soybean.

Low Temperature: Soybeans should be stored at low temperature otherwise it tends to germinate which makes storage difficult because they will be useful only for feed purposes. To keep intact its quality, soybeans have to be kept under certain conditions by managing the temperature using Grain Temp Guard Probes Alarm DT.

Sanitized: They should first be sanitized properly before being stored so that residues present on the grains can hinder the growth of microbes or insects that can attack husks and damage soybean seeds ultimately reducing their quantity as well as quality. 

Ventilation: After removing impurities proper ventilation has to be provided throughout the storage structure. It will help in checking moisture at the right level. Higher ventilation helps in removing dew or frost condensation which can cause harmful effects of the growth of fungi and molds on the surface of seeds. 

Aeration: Proper aeration helps in preventing insect attacks due to the accumulation of extra moisture on husks because insects are more attracted towards damp places where dew formation is common rather than dry places.

Treatment: Treatment with fungicides is very important if you want to store soybean for a longer period of time otherwise they have to be checked regularly every fortnight at least. Also, before being stored it will help in checking insects’ attack on the seed.

Control Moisture: If there is excess moisture present it results in the development of fungi and insect attacks. Different chambers in the storage bin should be provided for aeration that helps in proper ventilation to control temperature, relative humidity (RH), and dew formation on the surface of seeds using Grain Temp Guard Probes Alarm (HT).

Soybean is a widely cultivated plant in the USA which has great economical value if produced abundantly in large scale it can affect Indian economy because of its importance as staple food so it’s must be treated properly before being stored. As well as quality is concerned it will help you to store soybean for a longer period of time because poor quality soybean doesn’t last long. Cleaning, sanitizing, drying, treating with fungicides or insecticides are necessary steps that have to take care of when you want to keep soybean in storage. You can buy Farm Shop products at its web store to order any of the suitable grain storage equipment in the vin.

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